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Pennsylvania Is An "AT Will" Labor State
The definition "at will" or an "at will employment law state" simply means that an employer can hire and fire their employees at will or when ever they want. However, the law protects employees from being wrongfully terminated due to any civil rights violations that might be related to discrimination.

Employers often use this contractual term "at will" alongside its counter that an employee may up and quit at any time.

Ironically however, an employer often will require 2 weeks’ notice when an employee decides to terminate his employment agreement.  While many believe that the law needs to be modified and there are some exceptions, the law is still part of every employee handbook in the state.

If your employer is looming above as a threatening menace rather than respected mentor, you may be on the cusp of termination.

One would think that threats are not the way to encourage productivity. If you’re performing your job duties, you should be protected but more often than not, employees are let go regardless of their work ethic. You can’t work under a constant black cloud. Employment laws need to apply to everyone, equally and sometimes doing the right thing can get you fired.

If you’ve been dismissed with “At Will Employment” as a reason, consult with one of our team members today. We'll help you determine if your firing was lawful or not.

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